Yishui Grand Canyon Tour

Yishui Grand Canyon Tour


In a blink of an eye, October 1st, the birthday of the motherland, was ushered in. As usual, the company gave us employees a holiday in advance to go out and play. This year we came to the unique cave kingdom---Yishui Underground Grand Canyon.

Singing and laughing along the way, we soon reached our destination.

Walking in the cave is like entering a cave. Under the light, the cave is colorful and extremely beautiful. The cave walls are carved with various patterns, giving people a feeling of being in the cave without knowing it, just like being in a floating palace. Stones of all sizes and strange shapes, stalagmites, stone waterfalls, and dianthus show different shapes under the illumination of various colored lights. They are majestic and magnificent. The canyon is nearly 100 meters deep, with two walls as sharp as a chip and a width of more than 100 meters. The narrow place is only enough to accommodate one person, forming a majestic and breathtaking picture of the canyon in the cave. The underground river is bone-chillingly cold, and the water flow is fast but very clear. It winds like a giant dragon surrendering in the cave, adding endless colors to this grand canyon.

In the afternoon, we visited the Butterfly Cultural Park, the largest natural and artificial combination in northern my country. The small bridges, flowing water, flowers, dancing butterflies, and lush vegetation in the scenic area constitute a quiet paradise. It is so beautiful~

After passing through the Butterfly Valley, we finally came to the mysterious firefly water cave that we had been waiting for. The boatman took us into the dark cave, boarded a small boat pulled by a rope, and broke through the water. Slowly and quietly, the front Suddenly it dawned on me that fireflies were clinging to the walls of the stalactite cave, and the stars were twinkling and shining brightly! It's like entering a fairy tale world! The only regret is that there are not many fireflies in the cave, and the time is very short. I moved on before I had enough.

The day's trip ended quickly. Although I was tired, I felt a lot and enjoyed it. My colleagues expressed their gratitude for the trip planned by the company and were motivated to continue working hard in future work and repay the company with actions.


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