Yangzhou travel notes

Yangzhou travel notes


In order to thank employees for their hard work and create a harmonious and harmonious collective atmosphere, the company decided to organize a collective trip for all employees in April.

Historical Yangzhou has splendid culture, prosperous commerce and outstanding people. So we decided to go to Yangzhou to follow the footsteps of the ancients and seek their wisdom.

Early on the morning of April 27, the rain that had lasted for many days stopped, and our carefully prepared two-day trip to Yangzhou began.

Everyone played games, sang and laughed along the way, and arrived at the destination unknowingly.

Yangzhou’s Slender West Lake, He Garden, Daming Temple and the Ancient Canal are our must-visit attractions this time. During the entire trip, everyone either followed the tour guide closely, or helped each other in pairs, or traveled alone. The final gathering was always fast and smooth. Jindian people's organizational discipline and sense of honor are commendable.

Yangzhou's morning tea is famous far and wide. In order to allow every employee to have a full meal, we entrusted a travel agency to book the morning tea at the most famous local Yechun Tea House in advance. Although the cost is a bit expensive, there is always some exquisite pursuit in life, just like our Jindian People's attitude at work is to be serious, persistent, and striving for excellence.

This trip to Yangzhou has ended successfully. The winding Slender West Lake, the Grand Canal flowing with cultural and economic blood, and the unique He Garden all embody the painstaking wisdom and essence of thought of the ancients. They also inspire us Jindian people to be bold in innovation, work hard, and forge ahead.


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