CBIFS The 16th Food Safety Technology Forum in 2024

CBIFS The 16th Food Safety Technology Forum in 2024


  As one of the largest, most popular and popular industry events in the field of food safety technology, CBIFS Food Safety Technology Forum has been successfully held for 15 sessions, which has won unanimous praise and high recognition from the industry. In order to further enhance the exchange of food safety technologies, the 16th CBIFS Food Safety Technology Forum was held in Windham Supreme Hotel, Silver Beach, Qingdao from April 11th to 12th, 2024, and the conference was officially opened at 9: 00 am on April 11th. During the two days of the forum, the organizers held dozens of special forums, which provided a good platform for introducing professional knowledge, sharing experience and exchanging professional issues related to food safety.

  As a participant in this forum, QINGDAO AMA CO., LTD conducted in-depth introduction and exchange with customers who came to participate in the exhibition by showing high-quality samples and giving exquisite small gifts, which was undoubtedly a successful experience.



  In this forum, QINGDAO AMA CO., LTD demonstrated its high-quality products and professional production principles, which not only enhanced the visibility of the company in the industry, but also enhanced the trust and goodwill of customers. Through communication, the company can better understand the market demand and industry trends, and provide strong support for future product development and market layout.



  In addition, exquisite small gifts also played a very good publicity role, so that more people know about the brand and products of QINGDAO AMA CO., LTD. This interactive way of exhibiting not only makes tourists feel warm and cordial, but also deepens their impression and memory of the company.


  Generally speaking, Qingdao Jin Dian Company's participation in the 16th CBIFS Food Safety Technology Forum was a very successful exhibition experience, which not only demonstrated the company's strength and technical level, but also enhanced exchanges and cooperation with the industry and outside. It is believed that in the future development, Qingdao Jin Dian Company will continue to maintain the spirit of innovation and enterprising, and make greater contributions to the cause of biology and food safety.



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