Grateful for maternal love, full of love in Jin Dian

Grateful for maternal love, full of love in Jin Dian


    With the footsteps of May coming quietly, we ushered in a special day-Mother's Day. This is a festival to show respect and gratitude to mothers all over the world.


    Ten months' pregnancy is heavy, three years' reward is light, and mother's greatness and selflessness are the most precious feelings in the world. On this warm day, Qingdao AMA Co., Ltd. specially prepared a gift for every employee-Ejiao Cake. Ejiao cake is not only rich in nutrition, but also nourishes the body and mind. I hope this gift can bring them health and happiness.    

    Taking this opportunity, the company extends its most sincere wishes to all mothers. May they be full of sunshine and laughter every day, and may their health and mood be happy forever. At the same time thanked the staff for their hard work for the company, and also thanked them for bringing warmth and happiness to the family. 

    Maternal love is like a mountain, and maternal love is like the sea. On this special day, let's send the best wishes to the mothers all over the world: May you always be happy, healthy and carefree!


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