Analytica 2024 Analytical Biochemical and Laboratory Exhibition in Munich, Germany

Analytica 2024 Analytical Biochemical and Laboratory Exhibition in Munich, Germany


Analytical A in Munich is the largest event in the field of analytical science in the world. Munich Analytical Biochemistry and Laboratory Exhibition held various conferences and seminars to discuss the future trends and solutions of analytical biochemistry and laboratories. Based on the important position of Analytica in analytical biochemistry and laboratory exhibition, it is the best trade platform for China analytical biochemistry and laboratory enterprises to enter Germany and even Europe.



   Qingdao AMA Co., Ltd. brought four kinds of products with unique cell processing technology to attend this grand event:

①Ultra-low adsorption surface treatment: it has anti-adhesion characteristics for strongly viscous cells. When used in 3D cell culture, cells can grow in suspension for 21 days, and the adhesion rate is less than 2%;

②TC-enhanced surface treatment: Compared with standard TC-treated products, the surface has the characteristics of firmer adhesion and faster speed, and its application range is wider, which provides another better choice for the culture of adherent cells;

③Poly -D- lysine coated surface treatment: It can effectively improve the survival rate of many primary cells of central nervous system (CNS);

④Collagen type I surface treatment:Type I collagen tissue surface can promote cell adhesion and extension, rapidly expand cell population, and improve the survival rate of primary cell culture. The best surface treatment culture vessel can be specially developed and provided according to the needs of cells for different growth environments.

    Among them, the stable performance of ultra-low adsorption treatment products with exclusive research and development formula has attracted the recognition and high attention of foreign customers. The representative of Jin Dian patiently introduced the stable performance, treatment methods and application scope of such products to them, and recommended other types of products according to customers' needs to help customers realize more comprehensive solutions.

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Qingdao AMA Co., Ltd., a high-end cell consumable expert around you!I look forward to seeing you next time.




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